Greenrock Research Webinar | January 2023

This webinar discussed the current state of the stock market and provided insights into what may happen in the future. Kevin highlighted that US stock prices were overpriced and emphasized the importance of dividend equities, 3EDGE, art, and Bitcoin as alternative investments. They discussed the performance of various portfolios and noted that while there were periods of good protection, there were also challenges, particularly due to the strength of the dollar affecting European stocks.

Kevin also cautioned about the potential impact of rising interest rates and highlighted the need for caution and patience during bear markets. They mentioned that bear markets have periods of denial, false rallies, and eventual capitulation, which can present remarkable opportunities. The importance of focusing on long-term price-to-sales and price-to-earnings ratios rather than short-term news was emphasized. We concluded by stating that dividends and 3EDGE are expected to provide protection, acknowledging that the current market conditions are difficult but emphasizing the potential for positive returns in the future.